My Future

About me

I have been at Carmel for 5 years, and I have learnt a lot well I have been here. When I grow up in the future nursing and teaching is just some of the ideas that I like but their many jobs to choose from that does not mean you should freak out. I am in Year 11 and the subjects I take and fin useful are- The main ones that are compulsory like math, science, English and RE. The specialist subjects that I chose are Digital, PE and history. I find all of these subjects useful, for example, I take digital because I feel it will be a key feature in the future and will help me a lot. I also took PE because it has allowed me to stay active as well as work in class but also helps me if I want to in the nursing direction when I am older. The last subject I choose was History but I mainly choose it because I found it interesting but it also helps me with my writing skills. But the most important thing when you are choosing subjects is to choose what you like or what you want to try so you can see what you like and as you get older you will find what you like and are good at, then that will help you in what job or direction you want to go in. .