Secondary teachers need to be able to plan and prepare to teach one or more subjects to students between the ages of 13-18. When you first start teaching as a secondary school teacher you earn $52k-$57k per year. When you have more than five years of experience you can earn 71k-80k per year. At the moment April 2021, there is a good chance you could become a secondary teacher due to the shortage of teachers. To become a secondary teacher you need to have 4 years of training.

What you do

As a secondary teacher, you will plan and prepare lessons, set and mark assignments and tests. Assess students work for national qualifications, keep records and write reports on students, observe and manage student behaviour in the classroom and other environments such as the gym and sports fields, attend departmental and staff meetings, meet with parents, whānau or caregivers, individually or at parents' evenings, participate in or organise extracurricular activities such as sport, camp or drama, keep up to date with curriculum changes and assessment methods. But most of all make sure they have fun!